Do Snakes Eat Eagles?

Snakes and eagles are two of the fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom.

Snakes are known for their slithering movements and deadly bites, while eagles are known for their majestic flights and sharp talons.

It’s not uncommon to wonder if these two animals ever cross paths and what would happen if they did.

In this article, we’ll answer the question, “Do snakes eat eagles?” 

Do Snakes Eat Eagles?

The short answer is no: It is not common for snakes to eat eagles.

While there are instances of eagles being attacked and killed by snakes, it is rare for a snake to be able to overpower and consume a fully grown eagle, as eagles are powerful birds of prey with sharp talons and beaks.

Additionally, eagles typically fly at higher altitudes where snakes cannot reach them.

However, there are documented cases where smaller eagles or eaglets have fallen prey to larger species of snakes, such as the python.

In general, eagles are not a typical part of a snake’s diet, and snakes are not a major threat to eagles. 

While there have been rare instances of snakes attacking birds, including eagles, it is more common for eagles to prey on snakes.

Eagles are birds of prey with sharp talons and beaks that allow them to capture and kill snakes, which are a common food source for many species of eagles.

Some species of eagles, such as the African fish eagle and the bald eagle, are known to feed on snakes regularly. However, the prey of eagles varies depending on their location and habitat.

Can a snake defeat an eagle?

It is rare for a snake to defeat an eagle, as eagles are powerful birds of prey with sharp talons and beaks that they can use to capture and kill snakes.

Eagles are also able to fly away quickly if they encounter a snake that poses a threat to them.

However, there have been instances where snakes have been known to defend themselves effectively against predators, including birds of prey.

Some species of venomous snakes, such as the king cobra and black mamba, can pose a significant threat to predators, including eagles if they are not careful. But in most cases, eagles have the upper hand in the interaction between snakes and birds of prey.

Do eagles get bitten by snakes?

It is possible for eagles to get bitten by snakes, especially if they prey on snakes or their habitats overlap.

However, eagles have several adaptations and behaviors that help them avoid or minimize the risk of getting bitten by snakes.

For example, eagles have sharp talons and beaks that they can use to kill and handle prey, including snakes, without getting bitten.

Do eagles threaten snakes?

No, eagles are not a threat to snakes. In fact, eagles are more likely to be threatened by snakes than the other way around.

Do Eagles Eat Snakes?

Yes, eagles do eat snakes. In fact, some species of eagles, such as the African Fish Eagle and the Bald Eagle, are known to have a diet that includes snakes.

Eagles are opportunistic predators and will eat a variety of prey, depending on what is available in their environment.

They have sharp talons and a powerful beak that allows them to grab and kill snakes, which they may consume whole or tear into smaller pieces.

Additionally, some species of eagles are known to feed on fish, small mammals, birds, and carrion.


Snakes are unlikely to eat eagles. Snakes typically consume smaller prey, such as rodents, birds, and other reptiles, and their physical limitations make it challenging for them to overpower larger animals like eagles. While there are a few isolated cases of snakes preying on eagles, these instances are rare and unlikely to occur frequently.

Ultimately, the relationship between snakes and eagles is one of predator and prey, with eagles typically hunting and consuming snakes.

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