Silkworms & Bearded Dragons: A Sweet or Risky Treat?

There’s a lot of debate about whether or not bearded dragons can eat silkworms.

This blog post will cover all the information you need to know about feeding your bearded dragon silkworms.

So, Can bearded dragons eat silkworms? Are silkworms good for bearded dragons?

Keep reading to learn more!

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Silkworms?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Silkworms

Yes, bearded dragons can eat silkworms as part of their diet.

Silkworms are a popular feeder insect option for bearded dragons because they are nutritious and generally well-accepted by these reptiles. 

Silkworms are high in protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients, making them a healthy treat for your bearded dragon.

How to Feed Your Bearded Dragons Silkworms?

Purchase Healthy Silkworms: When acquiring silkworms for your bearded dragon, obtaining them from a reliable seller is of utmost importance. It ensures that the silkworms are in prime condition and free from potential parasites or diseases.

Gut-Load the Silkworms: Before feeding the silkworms to your bearded dragon, provide them with nutritious food. Leafy greens, carrots, and other vegetables can be used to gut-load the silkworms. This step enhances the nutritional value of the silkworms for your pet.

Dust the Silkworms with Calcium: Before offering the silkworms to your bearded dragon, dust them with a calcium supplement. Calcium is essential for your dragon’s bone health and overall well-being.

Choose the Right Size: Ensure that the size of the silkworms is appropriate for your bearded dragon’s age and size. Younger dragons will need smaller worms, while adult dragons can eat larger ones.

Offer the Silkworms: Place the dusted and gut-loaded silkworms in your bearded dragon’s enclosure. You can use a shallow dish or place the silkworms directly on the substrate. Bearded dragons have a keen sense of sight and usually spot and chase down moving insects.

Supervise the Feeding: Always supervise your bearded dragon while they are eating. It allows you to ensure they eat properly and remove any uneaten silkworms after the feeding session.

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Are Silkworms Good for Bearded Dragons?

Yes, silkworms are an excellent addition to a bearded dragon’s diet. 

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Silkworms?

Absolutely! Silkworms are a great option for baby bearded dragons due to their soft and easily digestible bodies. However, it’s essential to ensure the silkworms are appropriately sized for the baby dragon to prevent choking hazards.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Silkworms Every Day?

While silkworms are nutritious, feeding them to bearded dragons daily is not recommended. 

How Often Can bearded dragons eat silkworms?

You can offer silkworms to your bearded dragon a few times a week, but it’s essential to alternate them with other feeder insects like crickets, dubia roaches, and mealworms. This variety ensures they get a diverse range of nutrients.

Do Silkworms Bite Bearded Dragons? 

No, silkworms do not bite bearded dragons. They are gentle insects and pose no threat to your bearded dragon.

Do Bearded Dragons Like Silkworms?

Bearded dragons enjoy eating silkworms because of their soft texture and high protein content.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dead Silkworms?

It’s best to avoid feeding bearded dragons, dead silkworms, or any other insects.

What Happens If a Bearded Dragon Only Eats Silkworms?

Feeding your bearded dragon only silkworms may result in nutrient deficiencies. Providing a diverse diet that includes other feeder insects and vegetables is essential to keep your pet healthy and thriving.


Including silkworms in your bearded dragon’s diet can be beneficial and nutritious, but offering them in moderation and alongside a balanced diet is essential.

While silkworms are hydrating and low in fat, they should not be your dragon’s only food since they lack sufficient calcium. To keep your pet healthy, ensure a varied diet incorporating other nutritious feeders and calcium-rich sources.

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