Can Bearded Dragons Eat Lizards?

Bearded dragons eat insects like cricket, dubia roaches, and mealworms. But what about lizards? Can bearded dragons eat lizards?

This article will cover everything you need about lizards for bearded dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Lizards?

No, Bearded Dragons cannot eat lizards. The lizards’ bodies could contain pathogens that are harmful to Bearded Dragons, leading to health problems. 

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Why shouldn’t you feed your bearded dragon lizard?

Feeding a Bearded Dragon another lizard is not recommended for several reasons:

Health risks: Lizards, like other animals, can carry parasites or diseases that may be harmful to your Bearded Dragon.

Nutritional imbalance: Bearded Dragons require specific dietary needs to maintain their health. Providing them with an imbalanced diet may result in insufficient or excessive nutrients, potentially leading to various health problems.

Cannibalism: Bearded Dragons can exhibit territorial behavior, perceiving other lizards as potential competitors. Feeding them other lizards could encourage aggressive tendencies or, in extreme cases, even cannibalism.

To keep your Bearded Dragon healthy and thriving, providing them with a diet that includes insects, leafy greens, vegetables, and occasional safe and beneficial fruits is essential.


Are there any exceptions to feeding lizards to Bearded Dragons?

No, feeding any kind of lizard to Bearded Dragons is generally not recommended, even if they are deceased. Stick to their regular diet to ensure their well-being.

Can Bearded Dragons get sick from eating lizards?

 Yes, there is a risk that Bearded Dragons might get sick if they consume other lizards.

What if my Bearded Dragon accidentally eats a lizard?

If your Bearded Dragon accidentally consumes a lizard or any other potentially harmful creature, observe them closely for any signs of illness or abnormal behavior.

If you notice any concerning symptoms, consult a veterinarian with experience in reptile care for appropriate advice and treatment.

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